Sunday, January 13, 2013


After days of staying under the covers till 9 am, today I opened my eyes a little earlier (pretty unwillingly!). But I’m glad I did. Pulling on a jacket, I went out for a drive with my daddy dearest (He let me drive)!

The streets, in the early hours of the day, when the sun has just begun its ascent across the sky, look no less beautiful than a flower about to bloom. The seemingly ordinary scene left me awestruck. The semi- deserted roads made me feel strange. I'm used to seeing so much activity, so many people on that stretch of the road. The empty road took me by surprise. It looked pristine... pure.

As I saw the florist arrange his flowers, I couldn’t help but think of all the people who’ll smile today when they receive them. It was business as usual for him, but for all the people, unaware of the flowers about to reach them, it will be a very special day. They looked like gifts from heaven, against the pale concrete of the sidewalk.

As the newspaper man spread out his newspapers, I wondered what they have to say today. Will it be another edition screaming of scams, murders, rapes and protests? Or will it contain positive news bolstering my confidence in my city and the government? Will it make my mood plunge into the depths of despair or give me a reason to be proud of who I am?

Moving further, the sight of fresh chhole bhature being made, left my mouth watering. Our breakfast table floated before my eyes. It was piled high with the most delicious dishes my mum prepared. My super sensitive note could even pick up their aroma. I suddenly grew aware of my empty tummy. Bad timing!!!

Looking across the road, I saw a tent being dismantled. Somehow my attention was drawn to the rags the workers wore for clothes. They were in sharp contrast to the plush interiors of the structure. I found myself thinking of all the people who spent the previous night on the cold pavement, braving the winter chill, while I slept on a comfortable bed. It made me feel uneasy in my warm clothes.

All this while, I spotted uncles and aunties out for their morning walk. Clad in a dizzying array of coloured caps and shawls, they looked like cute little toys braving the wind. Pardon me the comparison, but that is exactly what they looked like. It was really heartening seeing them though. It encouraged me to take my exercise routine more seriously.

On this single drive, I experienced a plethora of emotions. But one feeling over-shadowed them all… Happiness! Though I was moving around in a metal box with the windows rolled down, I felt so close to nature. And in those intimate moments, I understood why I love mornings. Up until now, mornings were good only because I could study undisturbed…or because my parents said they were nice... but there is much more to a morning than that.

The restless energy… so evident in everything around us… is infectious. The enthusiasm for a new day, the zeal to live is so strong in those morning hours. It infuses you with a sense of well-being, a feeling of satisfaction so intense, that it keeps you smiling through the day. Why? It is evening… I have raunchy music playing outside my window… but still this morning scene has made me smile. I just closed my eyes and the world seemed to rewind its clock. Trust me… mornings are awesome!

Try them out yourself… give the early morning wind a chance to ruffle your hair!  


  1. Wow
    The whole article has so much freshness into it. Looking forward to Enjoying and Feeling the Mornings much more, than just walking to the college as if on a duty!

  2. :)Thank you. Indeed...mornings are way more than dreary slow walks to college! Good to hear from you!!!