Friday, September 7, 2012


Late one night, a few nights ago, one of my friends called me up. After the usual chit-chat she asked me about my blog. She'd actually called to check if I was dead or alive because I haven't posted anything for so long. So this is a kind of a "Hi! I'm still here" note for all of you.

The past month has been the most average, the most non-happening month of my otherwise amazing life. Now that I look back, I've been subjected to a notable amount of medicines for:
1) Swollen Tonsils
2) Viral fever
3) Injured eyes

Trust me, you don't want to go through it! The isolation almost killed me. My parents, acting on the doctor's instructions, confiscated everything which has an in-built screen (refer laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile phones, television...). But now I am back! Ready to fill your week with my words again!

Hopefully, you'll welcome me with the same support I initially received. My apologies for leaving you in the dark for so long :(

P.S. Owing to my experience with medicines I've been granted the title of "Almost-a-doctor" Maanya Gupta :)