Sunday, February 12, 2012

A River...

This is the story of a River... I couldn't help but see the similarities with human life...Feels like my story is her story and her story mine...

Picture Courtesy: Amit Bansal

Woke up in the arms of a glacier
The world around me chilled
Stumbling on my feet, I learned how to flow
 My little heart, it thrilled...

I tumbled down the hillside
Falling at great speed
No cares, no worries in my world
To nothing did I pay heed...

I shrieked with joy
Made gurgling sounds
My waters sparkled bright
Untouched by the seed of greed...

One heart-wrenching fall later
I hit the plains
No boulders to play around
The mountains had given way to new terrain...

Slowed my pace a little
Carefully maneuvering the way
Standing at crossroads of my life
Unsure where to go...

But decisions I did take
To go East or West
Not aware that they would decide
Whether I meet the Bay or the Ocean...

I made friends with the flowers
Made a pact with the trees
Found new life within me
And carried all of them along...

Carried this family on my onward journey
Through the plains to the sea
I grew up to live for others
To return more than I got...

One fine day Nature halted me in my tracks
Gone was the energy of my youth
The flowers, the trees all left me alone
As I moved towards my heavenly abode...

To meet my salty end
I flowed on
Reflecting on the past
Thinking of all that I'd gathered...

And then I felt the tremors
The greetings being sent out
At that moment i realized, It is just a beginning
A whole new world awaits me...

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