Sunday, January 8, 2012

The End of Love

The End of Love...
I could be referring to numerous relationships here...that of a child with his parents, that of a brother and sister, that between life partners (girlfriends and boyfriends is more relevant here)..
It is the last one I have been thinking about lately

Have you ever seen those lovey-dovey couples, holding hands, sitting in parks? I'm sure most of you have...What plagues me is that what happens when these people marry each other...or reach a stage in their relationship where they don't need to call each other every hour in order to feel loved?
Where does the magic go? 

  • Earlier they used to be the world to each other and look at them now. Each moment alone, without their significant other, seems like a blessing in disguise. They used to be running after their companion but now? Seems more like they are in a race...who runs faster..away from the other...
  • The very boyfriends, who used to find their girl's nagging cute, call it irritating, stupid, irrational. Over-possessiveness is another favourite term. Her little tantrums transform her into a drama queen.
  • Initially they couldn't let her go...well, times have changed. They can't wait to let her go...

And these are just a few scenarios...What brings on these changes? After 8 days of brainstorming, I still have no answer.
It seems superbly abnormal. Is it because we always find the chase more exciting? Or because the relationship loses its shine once it becomes a habit? Why doesn't it happen with other habits, good or bad, then?

Just think about it. If someone tells you that falling for you was stupidity...well, who is the stupid one then? Definitely not you...
If all they wanted was a person very different from you, why did they like you in the first place? You obviously didn't subject them to third degree to make them accept you.
For those married to their work, you didn't really need another person in your life. Your files, meetings, phone calls would suffice.

If any of you reading this know why this happens, then please enlighten me as well. I would be rather obliged if you put my mind at ease. Help make us a little wiser so that a few fortunate ones can be saved from this terrible disease...


  1. This post made me come up with this

  2. You really understood what I meant to say!!!

  3. I would think it is the chase that excites people more. Because it has interesting twists and turns. Each moment is new .You are discovering the other person every second.

    After a while the sameness bores us.You knwo exactly how the other person would behave next situation.

    Another reason for guys can be they come to know if they can score with the girl or not.(Not all guys though)

    P.S Nice blog

    1. So true! Really well thought...I just wonder if the boredom is inevitable...

  4. I think solution to this boredom is be spacious and a freedom space and as much genuineness as possible with truth. Also sharing and caring must be there along with likes and dislikes and listening more than saying . This will last a relationship but Love marriages sometimes just dont remain genuine because in the first place they start for impressing with things which are not ourselves not with the things and likes which are genuinely ours. So sequence of lies and moulding and forcing starts which actually becomes an expectation in return for the same and thereby fatigue comes and mind starts to forces oneself to return to old reality of character. This causes again many changes which other other partner is in expectation. There lies the root of boredom and conflict.

    1. I must say that is a very well thought-out reason! But then I really hope that all love marriages don't go down that line...the world would be a much less pleasant place to live in...

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