Friday, December 23, 2011

The Golden Cage

He sits all day, looking at our world
Neither willing nor eager to join in
He is lost in his own thoughts
Nobody knows wondering about what...

Maybe he thinks of luxury and comfort
Maybe of the life he is forced to live
Or simply of the joys he is blessed with
The silent happiness of being free...

No matter the pity we feel for him
His ragged clothes, the broken teeth
But his appearance is just outwardly
For inside he is the richest man...

Though his home is a bench, a paved path
He lives under the sun until it departs
But Then he turns over and embraces sleep
With no burden of promises he has to keep...

While we live in plush homes
Apparently unaware of the worries of food
Sure of waking up the next morning
Only because we cannot sleep...

Which of these fates is better?
I cannot decide
To die each day in a golden cage
Or to die once on the stones, be free...

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I wrote this poem way back in grade 9...Though I found some of the lines amusing now but nonetheless, I posted them just as they were...:)


Craving for many is a way of life
Some men crave for a beautiful wife
They crave for money and joys around
They crave for pleasures they haven't found...

But the girl there craves for a friend
A soul who will be with her till the end
A person who would guide her through night and day
Who would lead her to the warmth of May...

The aged woman craves for a son
Who she can love every moment, a ton
Who would just listen to her talk
To her deathbed, help her walk...

And there is the boy who craves for a sister
Who would painlessly treat every blister
Who would be his life's best feature
And sometimes reprimand him as his teacher...

My friends!There is so much to life than just earning gold
Sometimes in life, you have to be bold
Yet craving for many is a way of life
Some men crave for a beautiful wife...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

More than anything else...

More than anything else
I want to thank you
For all you have done for us
Thanks for every morning
When you helped us catch the school bus...

More than anything else
I want to bring you
Joy and contentment
And loads and loads of love...

More than anything else
I want you to understand
That we have realized your worth
I want to make you feel special
Just to thank you for giving me birth...

More than anything else
I want to thank you
That you made me realize all my faults
Just realizing them was not enough
To correct them, I couldn't find a better person than you...

More than anything else
I want to thank you for making me realize the gifts
Nature endowed me with
Thanks for helping me all the time
Thanks for teaching me how to control my flailing fists...

More than anything else
I want to thank you for taking care of me through endless nights
Thanks for guiding me 
Through all my fights...

More than anything else
I want you to remember that I would always
Be on your side
I would never desert you
No matter how low the tide...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sans Words, Sans Thoughts...

Sitting here, sans words, sans thoughts
I stare into empty space
Knowing not what to think
I make senseless patterns in the air...

The world has no meaning
My very existence questioned
Or is it just an unsolved puzzle?
A code not deciphered?

You say an apple falls
I think the tree just lets go
You say that flowers blossom
I think they wake from deep slumber...

This world is full of contradictions
Between you and me
I think its there, what you think is not
I see what you choose not to see...

My patterns are not senseless
Nor am I staring into a void
Because you don't have the key to my world
You take it to be empty, devoid...

Monday, December 5, 2011

I Started Out Today Like I Always Do...

I started out today like I always do
With a bag on my back, ready to embrace the day so new
Sitting in the bus, watching the green outside
I saw the trees rush by, in their endless race
Is that what my life is?
As we move on, there came the old fort
Serene and beautiful in all its loneliness
Guarded by the green lake
And covered by the blue sky
A haven for the mind and soul
Is that what I seek?
The journey doesn’t end here
The trees turn concrete
And I enter into a different world
That makes the other one look so obsolete
Here I see buildings, dignified and proud
Flanked by small gardens decorated with blooms
Adorned by a quarter dozen gleaming cars
Is that what I am working for?
Our life is full of questions
Unanswered and difficult
I now know what my life is
An endeavour to explore the possible possibilities
After all, I started today like I always do
With a bag on my back, ready to embrace the day so new

A Day Well Spent

Its been a long time since i wrote here...primarily because of all the work my college requires me to do...but yesterday was the day I just needed to write about! It was my day out with my best friend of 9 years (yes! that is half our lives..). Our little plan was to visit the Christmas Carnival on at the German House and come back home like sweet little girls...but that wasn't meant to be..if the two of us are meeting after so long...

We started our day auspiciously, with me waiting for her for nearly 20 minutes (don't kill me for putting this here..:) i can edit it out if you want..!!!)....and then going round and round the venue, unable to find it...Its really funny how Delhi people love giving wrong directions... For a ride of 30 minutes, we took nearly 60...nonetheless, we entered the venue with 100 watt smiles...finally made it!!!

The exhibition was one of the best i have seen, with super-yummy waffles, German beer ( we didn't taste it!), bookmarks and identical notebooks... There was one hairband with Santa Claus on top that i regret not buying...:( But lets move on...after going around the exhibition 6 times, we reluctantly moved out...On the road again, we decided to visit Connaught Place...hunger thundering in our bellies...

so our next stop was the Delhi Food Fest...From Germany, we found ourselves in a typical Delhi crowd, with people elbowing each other for the food coupons...Gone was the sophistication we had found ourselves drowned in just an hour ago...Have you ever had dal baati with chhole bhature?...try it..makes an awesome combination...

As if this wasn't enough, we went round the entire inner circle...not really window shopping...just talking and walking! Our last stop was the Youth Fest in the central park..too bad..we were two hours too early for it...

Trust me...we do a lot of random things together..our visits and trips are never planned...but this was something big even by our standards...a day so random that both of us will remember it for a long long time to come...especially because we both ended up wearing the same clothes, same color combination...That happens to us...

Dedicated to you, Nayantara Nath...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life with a capital 'L'

Just this morning I was reading an article about the increasing rate of suicides among IIT ians. It made me realize that there can be no better start to this blog than talking about Life. Yes, Life with a capital ‘L’. It is our most important possession yet perhaps, the least valued one. Is it because it is so common? You are alive, so am I and so are millions of others…
We often begin to value things only when we lose them. I might shrug your shoulders and say, “not the old crap again!” But if we really recognized the depth of this statement, there would have been no need for me to say it.
So here are some of the reasons why I love to live my life through each and every day:
·         I can see, hear, feel all the God-given gifts around me. When it comes to food, I face no problems in taking in the delicious aroma or the taste.
·         Unlike many of my counterparts, I have parents who are always there for me and love me from the bottom of their hearts.
·         I can read and write. I am more fortunate than a major population of this world.
·         Like you, I have running water, electricity and a mass of other amenities at home. Trust me. These are not common. Ask those who don’t have them.
·         I have friends I can trust with my life. In fact one of them suggested the name for this blog.
·         I get to visit the local subziwala…even filmstars cannot do that!
·         I can carry my dad’s bags to his car each morning, when he goes to office.
·         I can go out to water my plants everyday.
·         I woke up today.
The list is endless, ranging from the sane to the insanely mundane. It is for you to discover what makes your life worth living. List them out like I did. Remember, often it is not enough to just be alive. It is important to live lively! Happy Living!