Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Sapling & Her Mother

I first woke up
I was buried deep
In her loving embrace
A fall enough to shatter her
For me she acted strong
With time I found my head and heart
Slowly sought to move
Hands outstretched towards the Sun
I dug my feet in deep
She gave me food
Gave me water
She held me close at night
When winter winds cornered me
She made sure to hold on tight
Her watchful gaze, she saw me grow
I took from her so much
I can never give back enough
Tall and strong I became
Her walls began to crack
Tired, battered, she fought on
Fought all the evil in this world
Until one day someone decided
To pluck me from her arms
As I found a new home
With others my kind
I’m sure she feels vacant
For so long she has nurtured me
Keeping me from harm
She gave up her dreams
To fulfill mine
She knows no other life
I write this today
To let you know
I’d give away my most precious jewel
To go back in time
And be the sapling that opened her eyes
In the warmth of her mother’s love
The humble earthen pot