Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Fresh Start

For once, I am lost for words.

For the past few weeks, I would often sit with Mr Laptop and stare blankly at the screen, willing the words to come to me... like they did just a hundred days ago. They were always there... just outside my grasp. But now that they've come, I am overwhelmed. The sheer happiness coursing through my veins right now is incredible. The joy at finally being able to find the right words is almost making me dance.

The past few months have been nothing short of life- changing for me, both, personally and professionally, which is probably why I just couldn't put it down in words. They made me realize my worth, my potential and above all, the importance of all those around me.

Every time I would see my blog in its inactive state, I would become gloomy. It was as if a very important part of my life had simply vanished. That is when I realized how much I love talking to all of you. It makes me feel alive. Trust me, it is at the top of my "I-Love-To-Do-This" list. 

All those of you reading this... Thank you for staying with the fish for so long! I definitely owe you an apology. I promise to make up for all the lost time... there is so much to tell! 

Folks... I'm back!!! 

P.S. I'll need your help and support to really start afresh. Easiest way? Talk back... what is the comment option for? :)