Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life with a capital 'L'

Just this morning I was reading an article about the increasing rate of suicides among IIT ians. It made me realize that there can be no better start to this blog than talking about Life. Yes, Life with a capital ‘L’. It is our most important possession yet perhaps, the least valued one. Is it because it is so common? You are alive, so am I and so are millions of others…
We often begin to value things only when we lose them. I know..you might shrug your shoulders and say, “not the old crap again!” But if we really recognized the depth of this statement, there would have been no need for me to say it.
So here are some of the reasons why I love to live my life through each and every day:
·         I can see, hear, feel all the God-given gifts around me. When it comes to food, I face no problems in taking in the delicious aroma or the taste.
·         Unlike many of my counterparts, I have parents who are always there for me and love me from the bottom of their hearts.
·         I can read and write. I am more fortunate than a major population of this world.
·         Like you, I have running water, electricity and a mass of other amenities at home. Trust me. These are not common. Ask those who don’t have them.
·         I have friends I can trust with my life. In fact one of them suggested the name for this blog.
·         I get to visit the local subziwala…even filmstars cannot do that!
·         I can carry my dad’s bags to his car each morning, when he goes to office.
·         I can go out to water my plants everyday.
·         I woke up today.
The list is endless, ranging from the sane to the insanely mundane. It is for you to discover what makes your life worth living. List them out like I did. Remember, often it is not enough to just be alive. It is important to live lively! Happy Living!


  1. Maanya Congrats! for starting your blog.

    A very good article on why should we live happily. If we analyse the article, it force us to think that we are fortunate enough to have so many things in life, which other don't have and it must be their earnest desire to have all these things for which we do not care as these are very common to us.

    Maanya, please keep it up and do write on your blog regularly.

  2. i know it is a really late reply..but still..thank you for the encouragement...and for being the 1st one to post a comment here..:)

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