Sunday, April 1, 2012

To you, Dear Rapist

On her way back home
You took her by surprise
Your eyes betrayed
The demon lurking inside.

She begged, she pleaded with you
To let her go
Struggling in your iron arms
Only deaf ears heard her
You were strong, mad with lust
She went down fighting.

You robbed her of her honour, her pride
You violated her, her life
She's haunted by the pain, the grief
The black terror she'd felt within
She wished you death that time.

Years after you shattered her life
She's still collecting the shards
Trying to put it back, one piece at a time
Fretting over the lost parts.

The parts which made her smile
The parts she loved
The parts which defined her
Are still lost, hard to find.

She will never forgive you, neither will He
You had no right to rape her
Yes, that is what you did that fateful day
As you lived out your pervert fantasies.

She knows not if you're still the beast
Or if you've changed for good
But this is what she wants to say:
Please don't do it again
Hope someday you'll feel the guilt in your cold heart

That flame will make your life a living hell
Spread it far, Spread it wide if you want to escape
Turn it into a fire, burn your sin, your desire.

For the sake of the life you ruined
Don't let another flower wilt this way
If your heart beats a human beat
We appeal to you.

Don't let Men pluck these flowers away
Protect them, save them from harm
So that none of my sisters writes to you again.


  1. enchanted by your words !

    the lines that according to me felt the deepest were -
    "You robbed her of her honour, her pride
    You violated her, her life"

    very nice!

  2. wow !!!!!!! its such a brilliant poem !! u wrote the exact feeling that girl faces at that situation... :D Great work !