Sunday, April 29, 2018

It's Happened With Me Too!

She was walking down the street
Wearing her new shorts
She got them at the Zara sale
Oh! How ecstatic she was!
The shorts were shred to pieces
When they were done with her
As society pronounced its verdict
A scream could be heard
“It’s happened with me too”
Said a burqa, a saree, a long skirt

She works at the hospital, a nurse
Often comes home late at night
After tending to the hurt
Tired but radiating happiness with her day’s work
They sought to put out this light, she ended in a coma
When they were done with her
The society spoke again
Counting the vices of the night
When spoke a thousand voices
“It’s happened with me in broad daylight”

She had just finished college
Building a career and life for her own
About to get married, dreams in her eyes
Ready to soar into the unknown
Wings clipped short, she got a child
When they were done with her
That’s what happens, when you do not differentiate
While raising a boy and a girl
The elders all nodded in unison
A feeble cry of a six-month old
At this time was heard
“It’s happened with me too”

And now we come to the ultimate prey
She drinks and parties and has fun
She loves to dress-up, is good with make-up
All her friends are men
Her mother told her to stay mum
When her uncle was done with her
She still sees him every weekend
When he comes over for lunch
“It’s happened with me too” can be heard
From girls and boys alike
Yet society chooses to look away, thinking
Oh! It cannot happen in MY home!
This cannot be my child’s plight!

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