Friday, April 20, 2012

A decade ago, A decade old

A decade ago, a decade old
I stood on the doorstep, crying
You left in a hurry
No goodbye, no farewell
Just a wound, a sorrow still raw in my mind

All you left behind
Was a world full of memories
They made me cry
They made me weep
How could you leave us all behind?

I was strong then as I am now
I shed not a single tear
But that was just an act
I put up for the others.

Only you know of the endless nights
Those dark hours spent crying
I kept on thinking, hoping, willing
That you come back
Say you're fine.

That night, seeing you fallen
I wished I'd said goodbye, one last time
I wished I'd not slept early
I wished I'd stayed by your side.

Waiting outside the hospital
I was sure you will come out unscathed
Those were just kiddish wishes
Which have long since passed.

Numbed by shock and the grief
i felt paralyzed inside
But I put up a brave face
The ten-year old, lost in her little life.

I've fought since forever
I've locked it all inside
Each day I try to the trail you left behind
Becoming a little more like you, less like me.

I know you're watching me now
Those smiling, friendly eyes
I have just one unfulfilled wish
I wish I'd said goodbye, one last time

A decade ago, a decade old
I stood on the doorstep, crying...

Written in loving memory of my Uncle...a candle extinguished too soon...

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