Sunday, February 5, 2012


Picture Courtesy: Amit Bansal

A girl alone
Cold winter night
Sitting on a park bench
Looking up at the sky...

Wondering why life took the turn it did
Thinking why she is a disappointment to everyone
She was once the shining star
Those days seem unreal, far...

She was Daddy's Girl
As her Mom would say
The same Dad now seems to keep her at bay
He snapped the strings binding them
Leaving her senseless, to find her own way...

She fails to understand
Why her life is headed towards failure
She tries to do it right
To confirm to the norms...

Why is then she still a disappointment?
Why do they make her feel unwanted, unwelcome?
What is it that irks them so?
Alas! She has  never found an answer...

She used to cry her eyes out
Deeply pained by screams and shouts
Words that scarred her little heart
Wounds deep, they will heal hard...

But that stage has long since passed by
Those endless tear wells have run dry
A numbing emptiness in her heart
Is all that is left after the good times did depart...

It fills her days and her nights
Each wave pulling her under
The ocean of grief and anger
Her strength ebbing, she is giving up the fight...

So there she sits, the lonely girl
Cold winter night, on a park bench
Looking up at the sky, wondering aloud
"Why God? Do you really want me to live?"...

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