Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Loveless World

We love to love...
Better still, we love being loved...
But what if,
We live in a loveless world?

A withered flower
Few shattered dreams
A broken heart
And unheard screams
Is the famed legacy
Love left me...

Long hours contemplating
What went wrong
Took you away
Snapped our bond
A dream felt
by my fluttering heart
Blown to smithereens
Before my eyes
Life's beautiful song
Silenced by this void...

Crying into the pillow
Night after dark night
Smudged tear tracks
Tell  all their plight
I yearn to hear your voice
Crave for your touch
Lose myself in those eyes
I once loved so much...

Caught in a storm
Within, about
This loveless world
No space for doubt
A broken heart
And unheard screams
Are all, left to me
By this cruel play of destiny...

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