Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dear Prince

Fairytales… we’ve all grown up listening to them.

But close your eyes and think for a moment. Don’t most of them involve a damsel in distress and a heroic prince, who saves her from all miseries? Don’t most of them have a Happily Ever After?

Now close your eyes again. Is that how real life works? Is there ever a perfect ending? Do you love your prince charming equally each day of the week?

This little poem is just to get an alternate narrative out there. Under the shroud of every Happily Ever After, there lie countless struggles, disagreements, arguments, tough questions and tears:

Dear Prince
When I first met you
You were a different man
Or maybe I was stupid
Dumbstruck by the cupid
To not see what everyone can

Dear Prince
When I first met you
You had words and thoughts of your own
I took you to be tender
My fire’s perfect fender
You knew family and home

But Dear Prince
When I meet you today?
I feel it’s some other
It definitely is not you
He has your voice, its true
But his thoughts mirror the queen mother

Dear Prince
When I meet you today
I am so uncertain, unsure
Of whether you will ever
Stand up for your forever
For something we thought so pure

Dear Prince
You’re probably raging by now
I’ll clip this short, and wait some time
For when you see reason
This won’t be treason
You only need remember the rhyme

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