Friday, April 24, 2015

When Dreams Come True

After seven long months of a self-imposed exile I’m venturing out of my cave again. The seasons have changed, the cool breeze transformed into the warm caress of the wind. With the winter firmly behind us, I’m squinting in the bright sun. Nonetheless, I am happy. Beyond happy…This is what it feels like, when dreams come true!

I have talked about this before, when I got accepted at Microsoft. But this time round, it is something much bigger, much better! Yes, I’ve been offered admission at IIM Ahmedabad…the institution most of us just dream of. It’s been a week since the results came out and the feeling is just sinking in.

Contrary to the impromptu dance most people would expect me to break into these MBA admission offers just left me numb. They left me numb with relief, numb with joy, numb with contentment. I was at the local grocery mart, picking out tomatoes, when the first of the results came out: IIM Bangalore. I’d filled in my login details with shaky fingers, unsure of what to expect. I’d been praying and wishing and longing for it day and night. And when I read the word “Offered”, I didn’t believe it at first. I double-checked, triple-checked it, rubbing my eyes in disbelief. But yes, undoubtedly, I’d made it.

The next dawn brought the most awaited result of the season: IIM Ahmedabad. Most of you wouldn’t know it was my birthday on the day of my interview, March 2… And honestly, (I’m messing with language here) it is the best-est birthday gift I have ever got. And yes, this time round I was jumping and dancing and squealing with delight. I shed a tear or two in private later.

The gamut of emotions I felt that day can’t be constrained by words. The congratulations started flowing in. Everybody seems to want a piece of me. Parents gushing in their joy, teachers dizzy with pride, juniors flocking around for advice… It was everything I wanted back in my life. But somewhere down the line, after having lived a rather anonymous life in a rather anonymous college, I’ve become objective in the evaluation of these celebrations.

Having been to the other side, I know this stardom lasts only as long as your success does. True, it isn’t as bad as our cricket team’s failure, where, if they lose a match, people burn their effigies… but one misstep, one failure is enough to turn all these people off you. It’s here today, maybe not tomorrow. If anything, I feel humbled by the magnitude of the achievement, the opportunity that has been offered. I hope I can make the most of it.

I can't thank my parents enough for believing in their girl when most others dismissed her. My brother, in his usual irritating self, proved to be my biggest source of motivation. Their criticism, their praise, their scoldings and their support, it always kept me going, never letting my step falter. It's true, success stories are seldom written alone. It takes team effort to make good things happen. I finally understand why the Family is considered to be so when I'm about to fly away from our little nest to explore the deeper forest.

That being said, I’m finally at that turn in life where only good things can happen, where the future seems bright. True, our tuccchas (that is what we call our seniors at IIM A) have been scaring us with the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. But I’m more than sure that they are surmountable. I’m preparing myself for a new chapter of my life. One, on which, I hope to take you along. With apprehensive optimism, I’m hoping it’ll be as fulfilling and joyful as the last, if not much better!

P.S. I’m still wondering how I got through IIM Calcutta as well, after having been in a war of words with the panel.  


  1. Good read. I could almost see the events unfolding in front of my eyes. I wish you the best for your time at the furnace.

    1. And I am indeed having a great time at the furnace! Thank you so much!