Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Testing the Wind

That first leap...

Feet outstretched, sitting on the steps
I look up at the blue, searching
The cloud farthest from my perch
No end in sight, I feel petite
In nature’s vast mystery

Endless hours I’ve burdened
These steps with my being
First when I’d seen no more
Than half a score summers

Today I’m lost, wondering
If this is the last moment to be
Will my flight across the oceans
Make me lose my tree?

I’m nervous, I’m scared
Never flown in the open sky
Always sheltered, I’ve lived
A fairy tale life

Yet the welcome drops
The gentle breeze
Spraying me with delight
Hold out hope
A little optimism
For the glories of this flight

A little smile plays across my lips
As I think of the days to come
I dream of the life
I hope to have
Dream of the things that will be

Emboldened, encouraged
Honest and brave
I’m taking that step
Towards the edge
From where I’ll test the wind
For the first time

Looking down in the depths
Apprehensive, but not unaware
Of the challenges that lie ahead
I flap my wings free
Looking back at the home
I’m leaving behind, I say
I’ll make a mark
In nature’s beautiful history…


  1. Maanya, this one is really heart-touching! You got my eyes filled in these lines 'Will my flight across the oceans,Make me lose my tree?' :') Superb, keep it up!

    1. That line is one of my favourites! It captures everything that I wanted to say...
      But thank you so much! Such appreciation keeps me motivated.

    2. Hey Maanya, I keep polling your blog intermittently after I once landed here from an FB notification...I really like your style of expression :) Waiting for is the next post (after Illham) :)

    3. More coming up real soon! :) I really hope it'll be worth the wait!