Monday, May 26, 2014

My City, My Home

Delhi, the city which dreams with open eyes, the city which welcomes the lone traveler with a warm embrace… the city which has romanced history yet adapted to have a modern affair… the city where I breathed my first and hope to breathe my last as well. Shrouded in its veil of mystery, Delhi never fails to surprise.

They might call it the crime capital of India or the pollution capital of the big-round-world, nothing, mark you can diminish my love for the city I call home. My love story with Delhi technically began on March 2, 1993 (yes, I just gave out my age) but the real sparks flew when my father was transferred here some eleven years back.

Each day has become a gold leafed entry in my book of life, each memory, a treasured possession.

It is the beauty of how this city weaves together the mundane and the ordinary to make the most astonishing trinkets. From the Old Fort to the Shopping Malls, each monument to the ever-evolving culture contributes its own little share to the magical history of Delhi. From the Mughal Emperors to the common man laboring under the sun, all of them have left indelible marks on our lands… blessing us with a culture vibrant like none other.

For the past decade I’ve lived and loved my city. I’ve enjoyed its rains and cursed its heat. I’ve seen it changing over time. In this series, I’ll try to capture in words, my unique bond with my city. I’ll try to tell the tale of how we grew up and fell in love… Keep watching this space.

Much thanks to @WeAreNewDelhi for making me realize just how special our city is!

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